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GIA Certified Loose Diamonds At Best Prices In Las Vegas

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CDI Diamonds and Jewelry offers our customers a large selection of GIA and EGL USA certified loose diamonds in all shapes, sizes, and qualities – at prices which have been previously unavailable in the Columbus, Ohio area. Certified loose diamonds starting from $799.00! You owe it to yourself to shop and compare.

On the certificate, you will find a number of important information about the quality of the diamond assessed by diamond grading experts. This includes but is not limited to carat, color, clarity, cut, fluorescence, measurements, symmetry, clarity plot showing the location of feathers, clouds or other impurities, polish, faceting and much more. The GIA keeps a central reference database online, and using the GIA codes, you can find any of the GIA loose diamonds available on their website.

The Heart shape diamond is extremely popular with the ultimate romantics, and is a variation of the Round Cut. This shape is essentially, and rather untechnically, a Pear shape with a cleft on top. In this shape, the cutter’s skill is Las Vegas jeweler for loose diamonds evident in the even cut and well defined outline. The length-to-width ratio determines the face up appearance of a Heart Shape Diamond. In a traditional heart shape diamond, the length-to-width ratio should range from 0.90 to 1.15.

How does a certified GIA loose diamond differentiate from a standard diamond? Any diamond that has an accompanying GIA certificate simply means that it has been authenticated, proven natural, and graded against the 4 big C’s of diamond quality. Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight are the determining factors that gauge a diamond’s true quality and value and serve as the best method to compare and evaluate a diamond’s unique attributes.

The price lists are divided in two categories: Round and Fancy Shape diamonds. The loose diamonds wholesale prices for Round Shape apply to Round Brilliant Cut diamonds and the price list for Fancy Shape applies to all other shapes such as Princess Cut or Heart Shape The color grade ranges from D to Z and assesses the absence of color within a diamond, where D is colorless and Z has a slight yellow brown hue. Color diamonds such as a Pink diamond or a Blue diamond have a color intensity beyond Z, which is why they fall into their own category of color diamonds.

In our mission to be transparent, Dubai Wholesale Diamonds only sells diamonds that have been certified by the 3 best and most reputable diamond laboratories namely: GIA, IGI and HRD. These certificates are the best in the industry and are traded daily in the diamond trading circles. There are many more certifications floating in the global market, unaware to the common buyers, but they are solely present to assist the retailer to make hefty profit margins by misleading their clients. Dubai Wholesale Diamonds does not practice this and neither should any clients purchase diamonds certified by any other diamond laboratory other than the 3 outlined above.

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